Friday, May 8, 2015

DMA Award 2015

I wish to thank the Dallas Museum of Art and the Otis and Velma Dozier family for selecting me for the 2015 Otis and Velma Dozier Travel Grant to Iceland. I will visit on horseback Reykjafjal Mountain, geothermal area of Gufudalor valley, volcano Hengil, mountain Ingolfsfjall, geothermal Gullfuss and Strokkur, and Thingvellir National Park; as well as Sundahofn Harbor and the island of Videy. I will anticipate the aurora borealis, and yes, the Blue Lagoon. My unique Icelandic travel experience will widen my engagement with visualizing energies and spaces in my paintings, drawings and prints.

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The Texas Abstract book's last image of mine is from my L.E.D. Series. The "Octagon Vibration Series" drawings are like inversions of those paintings. I often work in series that set up certain "games", limitations or intentions. The Swiss artist/healer Emma Kuntz and the contemporary artists Joanne Greenbaum, Julie Mehretu, and Terry Winters might be mentioned when placing my work within a broader context.

The "Octagon Vibration Series" is currently continuing with small prints (multiple plate drypoints with chine colle), drawings, and paintings in progress.